I was called to the hospital to see a child who had been admitted from the emergency department. I performed a detailed history and physical examination and determined that he needed to be transferred from our community hospital to the children's hospital. I did not provide critical care. How should I report the services that I provided prior to transfer?

Report observation or inpatient care service code 99234–99236 based on the performance and documentation of the required 3 key components (history, physical examination, and medical decision-making).

What Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code should we use to report obtaining blood from a peripherally inserted central catheter?

Report CPT code 36592 (collection of blood specimen using established central or peripheral catheter, venous, not otherwise specified). This code includes obtaining the blood and flushing the line.

How long beyond the birth of a patient can we use International Classification of Diseases,...

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