Many physicians provide “travel medicine,” which may include counseling about precautions to avoid common maladies associated with travel such as traveler's diarrhea, management of existing conditions while traveling, pretravel immunization including potential acceleration of immunization schedules for young children, health risks endemic to certain locations, and when indicated, malaria prevention. These services are typically not covered by health benefit plans, and many practices adopt a policy to charge the patient at the time of the visit.

Diagnosis codes may include

If immunizations are provided, the related codes from categories V03–V06 to identify the need for prophylactic vaccination should also be reported.

Counseling about travel to specific regions may be reported with time-based preventive medicine counseling and riskfactor reduction codes 99401–99404.

Documentation to support these codes will include the approximate time spent counseling the patient and a summary of the discussion. These codes represent services provided to patients without symptoms or...

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