How is your practice reporting the testing done to determine if a newborn discharged using a car bed can now safely transition to a car seat? Is this service bundled into your preventive care or possibly the evaluation and management (E/M) service? The answer to this question is neither. If you provide but are not separately reporting this service, you may be losing earned revenue.

Current Procedural Terminology codes 94780–94781 were established in 2012 to capture this service based on the length of time spent by nursing staff in observation and continuous monitoring of the neonate. Service of 60 minutes or more is reported with these codes. Service of less than 60 minutes is not separately reported.

Note that unlike some time-based add-on codes, code 94781 is reported only for each full 30-minute period beyond the first 60 minutes or previous 30-minute period. Time is not rounded up at the...

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