Consultation codes have been included in Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) for many years. Codes for many non–face-to-face services have expanded the evaluation and management (E/M) section in the past decade. Still, some services were not described by existing non–face-to-face service codes. This has been the case for the physician who is frequently contacted by other physicians or health care professionals for an expert opinion on the management or treatment of a patient who is under the requesting individual’s personal care but not currently receiving direct care from the consulting physician. CPT 2014 includes new interprofessional consultation codes for this purpose.

Codes 99446–99449 describe interprofessional telephone/Internet assessment and management services provided by a consultative physician, including a verbal and written report to the patient’s treating/requesting physician or qualified health care professional. The codes are reported based on the consultant’s time spent providing the interprofessional consultation.

These codes are useful...

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