In March 2011, AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter™ included a primer on reporting the National Drug Code (NDC) on claims for vaccines and drugs provided by physicians. Questions and issues with denials or rejections due to NDC reporting continue to be a problem, so with this article, we will review some of the key elements of reporting the NDC. But first, a few key points about the NDC.

Sounds simple enough; just one more code on the claim, right? But this is medical billing, so there must be more to it—and there is.

We have noted that the NDC is a 10-digit number. You can locate a product’s NDC on the package insert of the vaccine or drug (see the “How supplied” section of the insert) or on the product package. Alternatively, NDCs for all drug products can be found in an FDA searchable database at However, the...

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