No. Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) states, “The reporting of the pediatric and neonatal critical care services is not based on time or the type of unit (eg, pediatric or neonatal critical care unit) and it is not dependent upon the type of physician or other qualified health care professional delivering the care.” Based on this, it is appropriate to report the daily pediatric critical care services represented by codes 99468, 99469, 99471, 99472, 99475, and 99476 when critical care services are rendered on the same date that the child later dies.

Other reasons for not reporting hourly critical care codes for critical care services that otherwise would be reported with daily critical care service codes include

Yes. The prefatory, parenthetic, and code level instructions for the preventive medicine, individual counseling codes (99401–99404) do not give specific instructions for reporting services that include more or less...

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