It’s a new year with new codes and, likely, new payment policies from private and government payers. Is your practice up-to-date? Have you updated your coding resources for 2019?

Start with your coding resources: Do you have updated tools to support accurate and timely selection of codes for services, diagnoses, and other reasons for encounters? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offers a wide variety of products and resources to keep your coding resources up-to-date.

With up-to-date coding resources to make sure your practice is selecting codes based on current code sets and guidelines, a second step is to determine if the payers that you bill most often are also up-to-date and have aligned their payment policies to current coding guidelines. It’s advisable to review individual payer acceptance and fee schedule amounts for new codes. This is especially important for a practice’s most common private payers and Medicaid plans. This...

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