The scenario provided earlier in this newsletter included diagnoses of anxiety and depression reported with codes F41.9 (anxiety disorder, unspecified) and F32.9 (major depressive disorder, single episode, unspecified). These are the correct diagnosis codes for the encounter as presented.

If you thought that code F41.8 (other specified anxiety disorders) or F34.1 (dysthymic disorder) should be reported, note that the scenario did not include a link between the anxiety and depression. If anxiety and depression were documented in a single phrase or anxiety with depression were documented, code F41.8 would be appropriately reported. If anxiety and depression were noted to be persistent, code F34.1 would be appropriate.

The scenario indicates that the 35 total minutes of face-to-face time included time spent by the pediatrician scoring the questionnaires completed during the encounter. This is problematic because provision and scoring of the screening questionnaires are separately reportable services. Time spent in separately reportable...

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