Can you assign the appropriate codes to the following coding scenario? (Note: Scenarios and examples in AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter are intended only to illustrate appropriate code assignment and do not represent recommended clinical practice or standards of care.)

A 16-year-old new patient presents to the pediatrician at a pediatric urgent care clinic with request for removal of impacted cerumen. The patient notes that he has had impacted cerumen removed in the past by his pediatrician. However, he is visiting his father for the next week and would like to resolve the itching and feeling of fullness in his ear before returning home. The patient has no other complaints and used an ear wash at his father’s house 2 days ago without relief.

The pediatrician obtains a problem-focused history and examines the patient’s right ear, finding impacted cerumen. Attempt at removing the impacted cerumen by irrigation is unsuccessful....

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