It is once again time to promote immunization against influenza for all patients older than 6 months. Practices should be prepared to accurately report the immunization administration and influenza vaccine product codes.

Code selection for influenza immunization starts with identifying whether code 90460 or a code from 90471–90474 is appropriate (as is true of administration of other vaccines/toxoids).

Report 90460 when a physician or other qualified health care professional (QHP) provides counseling about the immunization and the patient is 18 years or younger.

Code 90461 (reported for each additional component after the first component of a vaccine) does not apply for influenza immunization administration because influenza vaccine products have only 1 component (all antigens in a vaccine that prevent disease[s] caused by 1 organism).

Report a code from 9047190474 when the patient is 19 years or older or when no immunization counseling is provided by a physician or...

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