Codes 33900–33904 will be used to report PPAR procedures that include stent placement to revascularize the pulmonary arteries. Codes for initial stent placement are reported for placement via normal (33900, 33901) or abnormal (33902, 33903) connections and for each additional vessel or separate lesion (33904, reported only in addition to codes 33900–33903). Table 1 provides a listing of codes and descriptors with the work and total facility relative value units (RVUs), unadjusted for geographic location, for each as published in the proposed rule for the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2023 (CMS-1770-P). Assigned RVUs and payer adoption of the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule may vary.

Codes 33900–33904 include

Follow CPT instructions for reporting codes 33900–33904 in conjunction with diagnostic heart catheterization and/or angiography. As is true for other cardiovascular procedures, codes for diagnostic heart catheterization and diagnostic angiography are reported...

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