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Pediatric Collections: ADHD Evaluation and Care

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common childhood disorder, and every pediatrician will see children who are coping with the resulting behavioral and educational difficulties. It is a serious condition that can lead to school underachievement, social isolation, and family disruption in childhood and substance use, depression, risky impulsive behaviors, and motor vehicle collisions in adolescence. Yet, many primary care pediatricians feel that they do not have the experience or expertise to manage children with ADHD. Pediatric Collections—ADHD: Evaluation and Care, with its broad coverage of multiple aspects of this disorder, goes a long way in supporting pediatricians whether they diagnose and/or treat ADHD or provide expert guidance and support to families. This collection is an important and useful tool for all pediatricians who want to help children with behavioral and educational concerns. Children with ADHD who are treated have a better quality of life; they can achieve more educationally and socially. Pediatricians can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child with ADHD—and I believe that we are up to the task.
Sophie Terp, MD, MPH; Sameer Ahmed, MS; Zach Reichert, MD; Kenneth Calero, BS; Olivia Sison, BA; Sarah Axeen, PhD; Abeerah Siddiqui; Neha Vontela; Genevieve Santillanes, MD
Lauren W. Cochran, MD, MPH; Stacey R. Rose, MD, MSEd; Jennifer Thompson, MD
Tyler R. Schwartz, MD; Jessica Novak, AuD; Alison Scott, AuD; Sachin Patel, MD; Kyle Halvorson, MD; Asitha D.L. Jayawardena, MD, MPH
Neha S. Joshi, MD, MS; Sidney Zven, MD; Brian Graziose, MD; Grace Manno, BS; Lauren Manwaring, BS; Arshiya Ahuja, MD; Hollyce Tyrrell, MSSW; Nagma Zafar, MD, PhD; Elizabeth Weissbrod, CMI; Joseph O. Lopreiato, MD, MPH; Jaspreet Loyal, MD, MS
Anat Guz-Mark, MD; Marina Aloi, MD, PhD; Luca Scarallo, MD; Matteo Bramuzzo, MD; Johanna C. Escher, MD, PhD; Patrizia Alvisi, MD, PhD; Paul Henderson, MBChB, PhD; Iva Hojsak, MD, PhD; Raffi Lev-Tzion, MD; Wael El-Matary, MD; Tobias Schwerd, MD; Maya Granot, MD; Malgorzata Sladek, MD, PhD; Caterina Strisciuglio, MD, PhD; Katalin E. Müller, MD, PhD; Christine Olbjørn, MD, PhD; Christos Tzivinikos, MD, PhD; Anat Yerushalmy-Feler, MD; Koen Huysentruyt, MD; Lorenzo Norsa, MD, PhD; Irene Viola, MD; Lissy de Ridder, MD, PhD; Dror S. Shouval, MD; Sara Lega, MD, PhD; Paolo Lionetti, MD, PhD; Giulia Catassi, MD; Amit Assa, MD; Porto IBD working group of ESPGHAN
Kwai Tei C. Chan Poon, MD; Lusia Li, MS; Rick Pittman, BA; Chi Dang Hornik, PharmD; David T. Tanaka, MD; Lakshmi Katakam, MD; Ronald N. Goldberg, MD; C. Michael Cotten, MD; Kamlesh V. Athavale, MD
Sally Ozonoff, PhD; Gregory S. Young, PhD; Jessica Bradshaw, PhD; Tony Charman, PhD; Katarzyna Chawarska, PhD; Jana M. Iverson, PhD; Cheryl Klaiman, PhD; Rebecca J. Landa, PhD; Nicole McDonald, PhD; Daniel Messinger, PhD; Rebecca J. Schmidt, PhD; Carol L. Wilkinson, MD, PhD; Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, MD
Erik A. Jensen, MD, MSCE; Sara B. DeMauro, MD, MSCE; Matthew A. Rysavy, MD, PhD; Ravi M. Patel, MD, MSc; Matthew M. Laughon, MD, MPH; Eric C. Eichenwald, MD; Barbara T. Do, PhD; Abhik Das, PhD; Clyde J. Wright, MD; Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network
Nicholas A. Clark, MD; Kathryn E. Kyler, MD, MS; Geoffrey L. Allen, MD; Andrew Ausmus, MD; Kathleen Berg, MD; Jeremy Beyer, MD; Ryan Centanni, DO; Christine Claeys, RN, BSN, CCRN-K; Matthew Hall, PhD; Andrea Miles, APRN, MNSc, CPNP-AC; Ginny Nyberg, MSN, RN; Lindsey Malloy-Walton, DO, MPH
Carrie L. Nacht, MPH; Jenna Contreras, BS; Mary Ehlenbach, MD; Kelly McGregory, DO, MS; Laura Houser, MD; Brittany J. Allen, MD
Reese H. Clark, MD; Veeral N. Tolia, MD
Brianna F. Leahy, MBBS; Erika M. Edwards, PhD, MPH; Danielle E. Y. Ehret, MD, MPH; Roger F. Soll, MD; Scott B. Yeager, MD; Jonathan N. Flyer, MD
Sriram Ramgopal, MD; Christopher M. Horvat, MD, MHA; Rebecca E. Cash, PhD; Jonathan H. Pelletier, MD; Christian Martin-Gill, MD, MPH; Michelle L. Macy, MD, MS
David Baker, MD; Helene Glickman, MD; Allyson Tank, MD; Courtney Caminiti, MD, MPH; Anna Melnick, MD, MP; Ilir Agalliu, MD, ScD; Lisa Underland, DO, MS; Daniel M. Fein, MD; Mark Shlomovich, MD; Jacqueline Weingarten-Arams, MD; Henry M. Ushay, MD, PhD; Chhavi Katyal, MD, MBA; Sara H. Soshnick, DO, MS
Sarah Milburn, MD; Vinod K. Bhutani, MD; Andrea Weintraub, MD; Katherine Guttman, MD, MBE
Yasaman Fatemi, MD, MSHP; Tracey Polsky, MD, PhD; Julianne Burns, MD, MSCE; Nathan L’Etoile, MD; Amrom Obstfeld, MD, PhD; Joseph J. Zorc, MD, MSCE; Ellen Nord, MPH; Susan Coffin, MD, MPH; Kathy Shaw, MD, MSCE
Jenny Bohorquez, MD; Amee D. Patel, MD; Rachel Borders, BSN, RN; April Gorman, MS; Chelsea Reynolds, MSN, RN, CPN, NE-BC; Kristin Ritchie, BSN, RN, CPN; Natalie Denson, MSN, RN, NEA-BC; Courtney M. Solomon, MD
Erika M. Edwards, PhD, MPH; Danielle E.Y. Ehret, MD, MPH; Howard Cohen, MD; Denise Zayack, BSN, MPH; Roger F. Soll, MD; Jeffrey D. Horbar, MD
Nicola P. Klein, MD, PhD; Amy Wiesner, RN, BSN; Oliver Bautista, PhD; Thomas Group, MS; Kevin Kanu, PharmD; Zhongyi “Lucy” Li, PhD; Jennifer McCauley, BS; Kunal Saxena, PhD; Joseph Tota, PhD; Alain Luxembourg, MD, PhD; Rachael Bonawitz, MD, MS
Ryan C.L. Brewster, MD; Walter Wickremasinghe, MD, MBA; David M. Levine, MD, MPH, MA
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