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Archived Session: Complementary and Allergenic Food Introduction in Infants: An Umbrella Review with Victoria Soriano, PhD

July 27, 2023

Archived Session: “Complementary and Allergenic Food Introduction in Infants: An Umbrella Review” with Victoria Soriano, PhD

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Dr Victoria X. Soriano presents on complementary and allergenic food introduction in infants, based on her Pediatrics article, which is featured in several First 1,000 Days learning modules. Dr Soriano discusses her umbrella review on what age complementary foods should be introduced to infants. Her review summarizes data from 410 original papers found in 32 systematic reviews. 

Victoria X. Soriano, PhD

Dr. Victoria X. Soriano is a postdoctoral researcher at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Australia, having recently completed her PhD in epidemiology at the University of Melbourne. Her current research focus is the prevention of childhood food allergy through the evaluation of risk factors at a population level, using cohort and cross-sectional studies.

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