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New Module Topics and Submissions

The First 1,000 Days Knowledge Center is seeking authors for new educational modules.

The ideal author would be a pediatrician with a focus or expertise on the topic they plan to author. Below is a list of topics for which we are currently seeking authors. 

Preventive Care:
● Newborn rash
● Circumcision
● Breastfeeding
● Formula feeding
(and specialty formulas)
● Car seat safety
● Heatstroke prevention
● Pets
● Firearm safety
● Safe home environment
● Playtime
● Media
● Reading / Literacy promotion
Social Drivers of Health:
● Food security
● Home insecurity
● Transportation barriers
● Toxic stress / Strengths and protective factors
● Environmental risks
● Racism
Pathologic topics:
● Allergic rhinitis
● Asthma
● Autism screening
● Brain development / social-emotional
● Critical congenital heart disease
● Developmental delay

● Early Intervention
● Early relational health
● Eczema
● Failure to thrive
● Feeding/swallow difficulties
● Hyperbilirubinemia

● Individualized Education Plans
● Individualized Family Service Plans
● Infant fevers
● Maternal health/chronic conditions
● Newborn metabolic screens
● Orthopedic issues

● Plagiocephaly
● Reflux
● Restrictive diets
● Rickets
● Sleep disturbances
● Strabismus / myopia


If you would like to author one or more of these modules, please choose the first option in the form below.

If there is a topic you would like to see on the site that is not listed above, please choose the second option.

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