Pediatric hospital medicine (PHM) fellowships have rapidly developed to meet established needs. The purpose of this research was to describe the research and career outcomes of PHM fellowship graduates. We hypothesized that graduates would report significant research and academic productivity.


This was an institutional review board–approved, cross-sectional survey of PHM fellowship graduates in 2018. The 88-item survey was modified from an existing survey, developed by experts to address study objectives and pilot tested, and it included quantitative and qualitative items to assess characteristics of fellowship training and research and career outcomes.


A total of 63% of PHM fellowship graduates (143 of 228) completed the survey (graduation dates, 2000–2018). In total, 89% graduated from dedicated PHM fellowship programs, with 59% completing a 2-year fellowship and 78% now practicing primarily at a university or children’s hospital. Fellows conducted research in clinical research (53%), quality improvement (41%), health services (24%), and medical education (19%). A total of 77% of graduates continued to do research after graduation, with 63% publishing and 25% obtaining grant funding. Graduates of 2- and 3-year fellowships and those with a master’s degree were significantly more productive. Graduates now hold important roles in academic and health systems leadership. Graduates are highly satisfied with their decision to do PHM fellowship and identified 5 themes regarding how fellowship impacted their career outcomes.


In this study, we document robust research activity and leadership positions among PHM fellowship graduates and can serve as a benchmark for metrics that PHM educational leaders can use to assess outcomes and improve training regarding research and career development.

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