Previous studies reveal improved perception of time spent, as well as overall experience, for patients when their inpatient provider is seated during an encounter. With our study, we aim to establish whether family experience and perception of time is improved when a pediatric inpatient provider team sits for patient and family-centered rounds.


From February 2017 to November 2017, 99 inpatient encounters were randomly assigned to either a sitting or standing rounding team. Mean total time spent on rounds, family perception of time spent on rounds, and overall family experience with rounds (by using top-box analysis of physician communication questions) were compared between the 2 groups.


Total time spent on rounds was similar between the 2 groups (14.2 minutes in the sitting group and 12.7 minutes in the standing group; P = .23), and families in general overestimated the time spent with physicians in both groups (15.9 minutes in sitting group and 14.8 minutes in the standing group; P = .45). There were no significant differences in top-box experience responses (62% in sitting and 55% in standing; P = .12).


Sitting during the patient and family-centered rounds encounter did not affect actual or perceived time spent during rounds. Families may have a slightly more positive experience with seated rounds, but the difference in this study did not reach a level of statistical significance.

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