Ticket to Home (TTH), a survey tool designed to assess parental comprehension of their child’s hospitalization and postdischarge care needs, allows providers to address knowledge gaps before discharge. Our goal was to evaluate the impact of TTH on parents’ retention of discharge teaching.


In this pilot study, we enrolled a convenience sample of families admitted to pediatric hospital medicine and randomly assigned families on the basis of team assignment. The intervention group received TTH before discharge. The control group received usual care (without TTH survey tool). Both groups were sent a survey 24 to 72 hours postdischarge to assess parental understanding of discharge teaching. A senior-level provider also completed a survey; responses were compared with evaluate parent level of understanding. Descriptive statistics and logistic regression were used for analysis.


Although 495 parents consented to participate, only 100 completed the necessary surveys (41 intervention and 59 control). Both groups showed high parent-provider concordance regarding reason for admission (92.7% intervention versus 86.4% control; P = .33). The intervention group had significantly higher concordance for return precautions (90.2% vs 58.2%; P < .001), which remained significant when controlling for covariates (odds ratio 6.24, 95% confidence interval 1.78–21.93). Most parents in the intervention group felt sharing TTH responses with their medical team was beneficial (95.0%).


Parents who received TTH before discharge were more likely to accurately recall return precautions and valued sharing TTH results with the team. Given that response bias may have affected pilot results, additional studies in which researchers use larger samples with more diverse patient populations is required.

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