Our specific aim was to assess the gender distribution of aspects of scholarly productivity and professional standing for pediatric hospital medicine over a 5-year period. We also evaluated for correlation between the makeup of editorial boards, conference planning committees, and chosen content.


We reviewed scholarly publications, presentations, editorial boards, planning committees, awardees, and society leadership in pediatric hospital medicine from 2015 to 2019 and determined gender using published methods to assess for differences between observed proportions of women authors and presenters and the proportion of women in the field.


The field of pediatric hospital medicine at large is 69% women (95% confidence internal [CI] 68%–71%), and an estimated 57% of senior members are women (95% CI 54%–60%). We evaluated 570 original science manuscripts and found 67% (95% CI 63%–71%) women first authors and 49% (95% CI 44%–53%) women senior authors. We evaluated 1093 presentations at national conferences and found 69% (95% CI 65%–72%) women presenters of submitted content and 44% (95% CI 37%–51%) women presenters of invited content. Senior authorship and invited speaking engagements demonstrated disproportionately low representation of women when compared with senior members of the field (senior authorship, P = .002; invited presenters, P < .001). Strong positive correlation between gender composition of conference planning committees and selected content was also noted (r = 0.94).


Our study demonstrated representative gender distribution for some aspects of scholarly productivity in pediatric hospital medicine; however, a lack of gender parity exists in senior roles.

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