Reproductive health is an important issue in the care of adolescents and young adults (AYA). Unfortunately, many AYAs, particularly those with chronic medical conditions, may not regularly access primary care to address these issues. This study evaluates the impact of an inpatient reproductive health consult service on reproductive health care.


A reproductive health-focused screening consult service was initiated in June 2017 at an academic teaching hospital. Patients aged 15 to 26 admitted to pediatric ward teams were eligible for screening. A retrospective chart review was conducted from December 2016 to June 2019 to determine the effect of the consult service on the primary outcome, documentation of a psychosocial assessment, and reproductive health concerns.


Nine hundred twenty-nine encounters were analyzed (345 preintervention and 584 during intervention), representing 675 patients. The proportion of encounters with a documented psychosocial assessment increased from 14.8% to 41.3% during the intervention (P < .001); a reproductive health screening consult was responsible for 37.3% (109 of 292) of the documented assessments. There were high self-reported rates of sexual activity (38%), substance use (47%), and mood concerns (48%) among hospitalized AYA; all behaviors were documented at statistically significant increased frequencies (P < .001) during the intervention compared with preintervention.


Initiation of an inpatient reproductive health screening consult service led to increased documentation of psychosocial assessments, including increased documentation of sexual health history and other risk factors. With improved screening of reproductive and psychosocial needs, targeted interventions can meet underrecognized needs among hospitalized AYA.

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