There is a paucity of evidence to guide clinical management for term and late preterm newborns. The Better Outcomes through Research for Newborns (BORN) network is a national collaborative of clinicians formed to increase the evidence-base for well newborn care.


To develop a consensus-based, prioritized research agenda for well newborn care.


A two-round modified Delphi survey of BORN members was conducted. Round 1 was an open-ended survey soliciting 5 clinical questions identified as important and under-researched. Using qualitative methods, 20 most common themes were extracted and transformed into research questions. Round 2 survey respondents ranked the top 20 questions using a 5- point Likert scale and a quantitative analysis was conducted.


Round 1 survey generated 439 unique research questions that fell into 57 themes. In the Round 2 survey, the highest rated questions were: 1) At what weight-loss percentage is it medically necessary to formula supplement a breastfeeding infant? 2) What is the optimal management of infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome? 3) How and when should we initiate a workup for sepsis, and how should these newborns be managed?


Research priorities of clinicians include criteria for medically indicated formula supplementation of the breastfed newborn, management of neonatal abstinence syndrome and management of newborns at-risk for sepsis.

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