A 29-day-old infant presented to the emergency department (ED) with increasing painless scalp swelling. The swelling was first noted 2 weeks ago. Since that time, it has doubled in size. The family denied a history of trauma.

She was born at term by cesarean delivery for failure to descend with fetal distress. Neither vacuum nor forceps were used. A fetal scalp electrode was placed during labor. After delivery, intramuscular vitamin K was administered. Her newborn course was complicated by hypoglycemia attributed to poor feeding. Scalp swelling was not present at birth or during the newborn hospitalization. There were no issues with jaundice and her newborn metabolic screen was normal.

Since discharge, she has been exclusively fed breast milk and has been growing well, with documented weight gain of 30 g per day.

The scalp swelling was first noticed by the family at 2 weeks of age. She was evaluated by...

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