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Introducing Family Connections with Pediatrics!

November 29, 2021

To Families: Did you ever wonder what is in the “scientific literature” that your child’s doctor talks about? Where does it come from? Who writes it? What does it say? What does it mean for your child?

To Health Care Professionals: Have you ever wanted to share and discuss a Pediatrics article with a family? Do you wonder how to introduce evidence in a family-centered way?

Our new blog, Family Connections with Pediatrics will try to bridge these gaps! The blog will take the articles in Pediatrics to families. The blog will suggest ways to use the article in all aspects of the health and care of your child.

Families will write each Family Connections with Pediatrics blog post. The blog will summarize an article in Pediatrics and make connections between the evidence and real-life needs. For example, a blog post may help families understand a specific part of treating diabetes, learn about teaching basic life support to 5–8-year-olds, or learn about why there have been more children and teenagers with eating disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each blog post will also give ideas of ways that families and health care professionals can work together for the health and well-being of each child and family. We look forward to blogging in “Family Connections with Pediatrics.” We hope that, as a result, you look forward to connecting.

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