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Exploring the NeoReviews Video Library

May 23, 2022

The Video Corner feature of NeoReviews launched in January of 2012, since then NeoReviews has been at the forefront of incorporating videos into journal content. With hundreds of articles featuring videos ranging from procedure tutorials to diagnostics to physical exams and things in between, we figured it was time to put everything in one convenient place; enter the hallowed digital halls of the NeoReviews Video Library.

Procedural competency is a long-term game. Finding time to study and maintain competency among neonatal-perinatal medicine fellows is a challenge for most trainees and training programs. There are so many providers (residents, fellows, transport team personnel, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, and attending physicians), and there are only finite number of procedures for an early-career neonatologist in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

In this era of increasing popularity of web-based resources, the NeoReviews Video Library is a good online source for many procedures performed, commonly and not so commonly, in the NICU. The videos are high-quality and accompanied by evidence-based text that describes many important aspects of each procedure such as indications, contraindications, supplies needed, and complications of the procedures being depicted. The video library was recently switched to an open access resource and are now available to all.

I have created and published numerous videos for NeoReviews. My two favorite videos are the videos of Double Volume Exchange Transfusion and the insertion of Pigtail Catheter for Treating Pneumothorax in the neonate. Both videos were made after we observed how rarely they come up, but are nonetheless necessary on occasion. I have performed many of these procedures.

In the videos mentioned above, we shot without any advance notice based on when the simulation lab and videographer were both available and filmed spontaneously without any script. Hopefully, we’ve managed to capture the feeling of chaos and spontaneity that goes with working in the NICU along with best practices in these procedures.

The NeoReviews Video Library was also used as a pre-course work annually at the neonatal-perinatal medicine fellows boot camp conducted in Chicago, IL each year.

If you’d like to submit a Video Corner and maybe become a part of the NeoReviews Video Library check out our author guidelines for full submission information. You can also check out the Video Corner article for May, Pediatric Advanced Life Support in a Neonatal Context.

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