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Hospital Pediatrics Neonatal Narcotic Abstinence Issue :

August 2, 2019

The August issue of Hospital Pediatrics is our first themed issue.

The August issue of Hospital Pediatrics is our first themed issue. The editors chose Neonatal Narcotic Abstinence Syndrome for this issue to highlight the national impact the opioid crisis has had on children and to highlight the role that hospitalist have played in transforming care for infants born exposed to opioids in utero. Two can’t-miss commentaries in this issue by Grossman and Jansson explore the tensions around changing a care paradigm in an area with a dearth of randomized, controlled evidence, a common theme in the field of hospital pediatrics.

Two noteworthy findings in the research presented are the significant association between developing serious withdrawal symptoms when mothers also take benzodiazepines vs. other common medications and substances, notably marijuana, SSRIs and tobacco. While we screen for many substances, benzodiazepines were the only substance with a significant association with withdrawal in this study by Sanlorenzo and colleagues using data from Tennessee Medicaid. Other notable articles include an innovative symptom-triggered treatment approach using methadone by Wachman and colleagues.

We hope this issue sparks debate and perhaps progress, as hospitalists continue to innovate and learn how to provide the best possible care for this vulnerable population.

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