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Pediatric Collections: Firearm-Related Injuries and Preventions

Accidents are the leading cause of death for children outside of the neonatal period, which means that pediatricians have long advocated for programs and interventions to protect children from accidental injury. Promoting appropriate usage of car seats and seat belts has been a public health intervention successfully promoted by large numbers of pediatricians. Remarkably, childhood death and injury from gun violence rivaled the morbidity and mortality due to motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2014. To help you better understand the public health impact of firearms on children, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is now bringing together published articles in one custom collection, giving you quick access to a compendium of studies on this important topic.
Susanne Klawetter, PhD, LCSW; Stéphanie Wahab, PhD, MSW; Ladawna Gievers, MD
Neil G. Uspal, MD; Julia Nichols; Bonnie Strelitz, MPH; Miranda C. Bradford, MS; Lori E. Rutman, MD, MPH
Eli C. Freiman, MD; Michael C. Monuteaux, ScD; Kenneth A. Michelson, MD, MPH
Rebecca Bell, MD, MPH
Samaa Kemal, MD, MPH; Tyler Lennon, MD; Norma-Jean Simon, MPH, MPA; Kim Kaczor, MS, MPH; Mallory Hilliard, LCSW, CADC; Jacqueline B. Corboy, MD, MS; Jennifer A. Hoffmann, MD, MS
Anne Sullivan, MD; Bonnie Arzuaga, MD; Donna Luff, PhD; Erin Ward, MEd; David N. Williams, PhD; Christy Cummings, MD
Alice M. Ellyson, MS, PhD; Avanti Adhia, ScD; Ayah Mustafa, BS; Vivian H. Lyons, MPH, PhD; Sandra Shanahan, MSW; Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, MD, MPH, PhD
Ken Resnicow, PhD; Emerson Delacroix, LLP, MACP; Kendrin R. Sonneville, ScD, RD; Shannon Considine, MSW, MPH; Robert W. Grundmeier, MD; Di Shu, PhD; Jennifer A. Faerber, PhD; Alexander G. Fiks, MD, MSCE; Jennifer Steffes, MSW; Donna Harris, MA; Heide Woo, MD; Tim Proctor, BS; Margaret E. Wright, PhD; Laura P. Shone, DrPH, MSW; Sarah E. Barlow, MD, MPH; Richard C. Wasserman, MD, MPH; Robert Siegel, MD; Melissa S. Stockwell, MD, MPH
Elyse J. Thulin, PhD; Alex French, MA; Elizabeth Messman, PhD; Rachel Masi, PhD; Justin E. Heinze, PhD
Kelsey A.B. Gastineau, MD, MPH; Elizabeth R. Oddo, MD, MPH; Lizmarie G. Maldonado, MSPH; Annie N. Simpson, PhD; Ashley B. Hink, MD, MPH; Annie L. Andrews, MD, MSCR
Christian D. Pulcini, MD, MEd, MPH; Jennifer A. Hoffmann, MD, MS; Elizabeth R. Alpern, MD, MSCE; Sofia Chaudhary, MD; Peter F. Ehrlich, MD, MSc; Joel A. Fein, MD, MPH; Eric W. Fleegler, MD, MPH; Monika K. Goyal, MD, MSCE; Matt Hall, PhD; Kristyn N. Jeffries, MD; Rachel Myers, PhD, MS; Karen M. Sheehan, MD, MPH; Mark Zamani, MS; Bonnie T. Zima, MD, MPH; Stephen Hargarten, MD, MPH; CHARGE Group
Paola Abi Habib, MD; Sarra Bae, MD; Sifa Turan, MD; Sripriya Sundararajan, MD
Gabrielle DiFiore, MPH; Sarah Wood, MD, MSHP; Brian P. Jenssen, MD, MSHP; Alexander G. Fiks, MD, MSCE; Stephanie L. Mayne, PhD, MHS
Jennifer A. Hoffmann, MD, MS; Camille P. Carter, BS; Cody S. Olsen, MS; Pradip P. Chaudhari, MD; Sofia Chaudhary, MD; Susan Duffy, MD; Nicolaus Glomb, MD, MPH; Monika K. Goyal, MD, MSCE; Jacqueline Grupp-Phelan, MD; Maya Haasz, MD; Bijan Ketabchi, MD; Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz, PhD, MPH; E. Brooke Lerner, PhD; Bashar Shihabuddin, MD, MS; Wendi Wendt, MD; Lawrence J. Cook, PhD; Elizabeth R. Alpern, MD, MSCE; PECARN Registry Study Group
Maya I. Ragavan, MD, MPH, MS; Alison J. Culyba, MD, PhD, MPH
Rebecca F. Wilson, PhD; Likang Xu, MD, MS; Carter J. Betz, MS; Kameron J. Sheats, PhD; Janet M. Blair, PhD, MPH; Xin Yue, MPS, MS; Brenda Nguyen, MPH; Katherine A. Fowler, PhD
Cordelia Mannix; Mark Neuman, MD, MPH; Rebekah Mannix, MD, MPH
Elizabeth Baumler, PhD; Leila Wood, PhD; Jeff R. Temple, PhD
Bailey K. Roberts, MD; Colleen P. Nofi, DO; Emma Cornell, MPH; Sandeep Kapoor, MD, MS-HPPL; Laura Harrison, MPH; Chethan Sathya, MD, MSc
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