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Pediatric Collections: Medical Risks of Marijuana

Pediatricians are actively involved in many efforts to decrease harmful exposures to children. In recent years, exposure to marijuana and other cannabinoids has become an increasing challenge. Legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use has already happened in some states, and more states are considering this. This has raised critical questions for pediatricians and others who provide care for children and adolescents. What is the risk of use or secondary exposure, including accidental ingestion, to marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids? What factors are associated with use or secondary exposure? What are the implications for children and teens who use marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids?
Brittany L. Willer, MD; Christian Mpody, MD, PhD, MPH, MBA; Olubukola O. Nafiu, MD, FRCA, MS
Patrick S. Walsh, MD, MS; Amanda S. Dupont, DO; Matthew J. Lipshaw, MD, MS; Alexis Visotcky, MS; Danny G. Thomas, MD, MPH
Pearl W. Chang, MD; Neera K. Goyal, MD; Esther K. Chung, MD, MPH
Alexandra Van Oyen, DO; Nicole Barney, MD; Zoe Grabinski, MD; Juliana Chang, MD; Zachary Oliff, DO; Josh Nogar, MD; Mark K. Su, MD, MPH
Lesley C. Pepin, MD; Mark W. Simon, MD; Shireen Banerji, PharmD; Jan Leonard, MSPH; Christopher O. Hoyte, MD; George S. Wang, MD
Leela Sarathy, MD, MSEd; Joseph H. Chou, MD, PhD; Paul H. Lerou, MD; Mishka Terplan, MD, MPH; Katrina Mark, MD; Sarah Dorfman, BA; Timothy E. Wilens, MD; Sarah N. Bernstein, MD; Davida M. Schiff, MD, MSc
Marit S. Tweet, MD; Antonia Nemanich, MD; Michael Wahl, MD
Rebecca N. Dudovitz, MD, MSHS; Paul J. Chung, MD, MS; Kulwant K. Dosanjh, MA; Meredith Phillips, PhD; Joan S. Tucker, PhD; Mary Ann Pentz, PhD; Christopher Biely, MS; Chi-Hong Tseng, PhD; Arzie Galvez, MEd; Guadalupe Arellano, MEd; Mitchell D. Wong, MD, PhD
Margaret Lloyd Sieger, PhD; Cynthia Nichols, LCSW; Shiyi Chen, MS; Melissa Sienna, MS, MPA; Marilyn Sanders, MD
Matthew E.M. Yeung; Eddy Lang, MDCM
Kei U Wong, MD; Christine Ramdin, PhD; Diane P Calello, MD
Daniel Myran, MD, MPH; Yaron Finkelstein, MD
Hannah R. Crowley, BS; Neera K. Goyal, MD, MSc; Esther K. Chung, MD, MPH
Christine Studenmund, BA; Jazzmin Williams, BSH; Antonio Hernandez, BA; Elda Young, RN; Ying Ying Hui, RN; Edward Cruz, MD, MPH; Valerie Gribben, MD
Thomas A. Wills, PhD; Adam Matthew Leventhal, PhD; James D. Sargent, MD; Ian Pagano, PhD
Matthew E.M. Yeung; Colin G. Weaver, BSc; Riley Hartmann, MD, MSc; Rebecca Haines-Saah, PhD; Eddy Lang, MDCM
Sheryl A. Ryan, MD
Kaushal Dosani, MD; Carolina Koletic, MD; Rabea Alhosh, MD
Nicola C. Perlman, MD; David E. Cantonwine, PhD, MPH; Nicole A. Smith, MD, MPH
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