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Pediatric Collections: Depression and Suicide Prevention

This collection of articles, resources, and commentaries on depression and suicide prevention offers pediatricians an overview of one of the most pressing public health problems facing the field. Ranging from calls-to-action to practical guidelines for screening and treatment to reports of efforts to improve quality of care, this collection is worth perusing. Key articles describe the growing prevalence of these conditions and the vast problem of undertreatment. The updated GLAD-PC depression guidelines, the American Academy of Pediatrics policy on suicide and suicide attempts, and links to validated screening instruments provide practical tools for pediatricians.
Craig F. Garfield, MD, MAPP
Maeve E. Wickham, MSc; Ambikaipakan Senthilselvan, PhD; T. Cameron Wild, PhD; Wendy L.G. Hoglund, PhD; Ian Colman, PhD
Lucy Bowes, PhD; Dieter Wolke, PhD; Carol Joinson, PhD; Suzet Tanya Lereya, PhD; Glyn Lewis, PhD
Craig F. Garfield, MD; Greg Duncan, PhD; Joshua Rutsohn, MPH; Thomas W. McDade, PhD; Emma K. Adam, PhD; Rebekah Levine Coley, PhD; P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, PhD
Ilene Claudius, MD; J. Joelle Donofrio, DO; Chun Nok Lam, MPH; Genevieve Santillanes, MD
Gregory Webster, MD, MPH; Kathryn A. Panek, MD; Madelyn Labella; George Alexander Taylor; Kimberlee Gauvreau, ScD; Frank Cecchin, MD; Maria Martuscello, BSN; Edward P. Walsh, MD; Charles I. Berul, MD; David R. DeMaso, MD
Naomi S. Bardach, MD; Tumaini R. Coker, MD; Bonnie T. Zima, MD; J. Michael Murphy, EdD; Penelope Knapp, MD; Laura P. Richardson, MD; Glenace Edwall, PsyD; Rita Mangione-Smith, MD
Laura M. Bogart, PhD; Marc N. Elliott, PhD; David J. Klein, MS; Susan R. Tortolero, PhD; Sylvie Mrug, PhD; Melissa F. Peskin, PhD; Susan L. Davies, PhD; Elizabeth T. Schink, BA; Mark A. Schuster, MD
William O. Cooper, MD; S. Todd Callahan, MD; Ayumi Shintani, PhD; D. Catherine Fuchs, MD; Richard C. Shelton, MD; Judith A. Dudley; Amy J. Graves, SM; Wayne A. Ray, PhD
Fang-Ju Tsai, MD; Yu-Hsin Huang, MD; Hui-Ching Liu, MD; Kuo-Yang Huang, MD; Yen-Hsun Huang, MD; Shen-Ing Liu, MD
R. Eric Lewandowski, PhD; Mary C. Acri, PhD; Kimberly E. Hoagwood, PhD; Mark Olfson, MD; Greg Clarke, PhD; William Gardner, PhD; Sarah Hudson Scholle, DrPH; Sepheen Byron, MHS; Kelly Kelleher, MD; Harold A. Pincus, MD; Samantha Frank, BA; Sarah M. Horwitz, PhD
Barbara H. Fiese, PhD; Holly G. Rhodes, PhD; William R. Beardslee, MD
Grace D. Shelby, PhD; Kezia C. Shirkey, PhD; Amanda L. Sherman, MS; Joy E. Beck, PhD; Kirsten Haman, PhD; Angela R. Shears, BS; Sara N. Horst, MD; Craig A. Smith, PhD; Judy Garber, PhD; Lynn S. Walker, PhD
Rosalyn D. Lee, PhD; Xiangming Fang, PhD; Feijun Luo, PhD
Frédéric N. Brière, PhD; Sophie Pascal, MSc; Véronique Dupéré, PhD; Michel Janosz, PhD
Bonnie T. Zima, MD; J. Michael Murphy, EdD; Sarah Hudson Scholle, MPH; Kimberly Eaton Hoagwood, PhD; Ramesh C. Sachdeva, MD; Rita Mangione-Smith, MD; Donna Woods, EdM; Hayley S. Kamin, BA; Michael Jellinek, MD
Thomas N. Hyphantis, MD; Argiro-Irene Pappas, MSc; Antonios P. Vlahos, MD; André F. Carvalho, MD; James L. Levenson, MD; Theofilos M. Kolettis, MD
Theresa L. Osypuk, SD; Nicole M. Schmidt, PhD; Lisa M. Bates, SD; Eric J. Tchetgen-Tchetgen, PhD; Felton J. Earls, MD; M. Maria Glymour, SD
Mary Beth Gordon, MD; Theodore C. Sectish, MD; Marc N. Elliott, PhD; David Klein, MS; Christopher P. Landrigan, MD; Laura M. Bogart, PhD; Stephen Amrock, SM; Ann Burke, MD; Vincent W. Chiang, MD; Mark A. Schuster, MD
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