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Pediatric Collections: COVID-19

As a trusted pediatric publisher of peer-reviewed research, clinical references, patient education and coding & payment resources, the American Academy of Pediatrics is dedicated to providing AAP members, physicians, and health care providers with the latest open access research and guidance recommendations related to COVID-19. As the world responds to the pandemic, we are committed to fast-tracking COVID-19 research articles and publishing them free to read in this collection. The latest research will pre-publish on and be deposited to PubMed upon final publication.
Kao-Ping Chua, MD, PhD; Anna Volerman, MD; Rena M. Conti, PhD
Kanwal M. Farooqi, MD; Angela Chan, MD; Rachel J. Weller, MD; Junhui Mi, BS; Pengfei Jiang, MS; Elizabeth Abrahams; Anne Ferris, MBBS; Usha S. Krishnan, MD; Nikhil Pasumarti, BS, RDCS; Sanghee Suh, MD; Amee M. Shah, MD; Michael P. DiLorenzo, MD, MSCE; Philip Zachariah, MD, MSc; Joshua D. Milner, MD; Erika B. Rosenzweig, MD; Mark Gorelik, MD; Brett R. Anderson, MD, MBA, MS
Carles Bautista-Rodriguez, PhD; Joan Sanchez-de-Toledo, PhD; Bradley C. Clark, MD; Jethro Herberg, MD; Fanny Bajolle, MD; Paula C. Randanne, MD; Diana Salas-Mera, MD; Sandrine Foldvari; Devyani Chowdhury, MD; Ricardo Munoz, MD; Francesco Bianco, PhD; Yogen Singh, MD; Michael Levin, PhD; Damien Bonnet, PhD; Alain Fraisse, PhD
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