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Frequent Asked Questions


Individual/Institutional User

(See below for Institutional Administrator/Librarian Questions)

Home of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Journal publications. AAP publishes 5 journals: original research Pediatrics and Hospital Pediatrics; CME/MOC-eligible review journals AAP Grand Rounds, NeoReviews, and Pediatrics in Review; the AAP News daily, and the Journals Blog. 


How do I get access?
All of the publications are available for individuals to purchase subscriptions at shopAAP, and also as part of the eJournal Collection for institutions (see below). Current-year subscriptions include access to the full archive of content for each publication. Pediatrics and AAP News are rolling subscriptions, and are also benefits of AAP Membership. AAP Grand Rounds, NeoReviews, and Pediatrics in Review are year-based subscriptions. Past-year subscriptions only include perpetual access to the year(s) purchased, and the CME/MOC quizzes are only available for 3 years to take and earn credit. There are also Self-Assessment/Journal combinations. Pediatrics in Review is also included in PREP the Curriculum (a resident member benefit), and NeoReviews is included in NeoReviewsPlus.


How do I log in/access content?
If you are coming to the site already authenticated to another AAP site or institutional network, you may already be authenticated – look for a Welcome message on the black header bar. If not, you can click the Login link on the header bar or that will appear if you try to access content that requires a subscription. Those pages have login boxes as well as options to purchase subscriptions or pay-per-view access. If you have access through your AAP membership and/or an individual subscription purchase on shopAAP, you login will be the same one you use for other AAP access. Your username is either your AAP ID number or your e-mail address. If you forgot your AAP ID or password, you can use the Forgot password tools. If you have access through your institution, see your institutional administrator for how you should authenticate. If you purchased access to an article via pay per view, your access is through the link in your confirmation e-mail. Once you are logged in, content you can access will have an open lock icon, while content you cannot access will have a closed lock icon.


How do I search?
Click or tap the orange magnifying glass in the upper right corner to open the search box. For the quick search, it is best to enter keywords and avoid common words like “the” and “child.” You can use the drop-down to specify a particular journal, or use the Advanced search to enter an exact title or other details. On the search results page, you can use tabs to filter Policy statements and topics, see AAP eBooks results, set the order of results, set an e-mail alert for your keyword(s), etc.


What is Early Release/PAP Publishing?
PAP (Published Ahead of Print) are articles that appear online before the month of the issue in which they appear. These are typically important and/or newsworthy articles. You can see these on the Early Release links on the right rail for Pediatrics and Hospital Pediatrics. You can sign up to be notified when PAP articles publish on the Alerts page.


What is AAP News?
AAP News is the official news magazine of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the trusted source for updates on CPT coding, health information technology, product recalls, vaccines, and Academy news. AAP News is dedicated to informing, educating and inspiring readers on matters related to pediatric health care and the Academy. News and feature stories, commentaries, points of view, and regular columns are written by staff and Academy members.


What is the Journals Blog?
The Journals Blog is where authors and editors write brief synopses of what is important about articles and how they fit into research, practice, etc.


How do I access on my mobile device?
The site is fully responsive, and can be accessed from any device with a WiFi or cellular data Internet connection.


How do I find my subscription/renewal information?
You can check your subscription status and renew in the My Account area of shopAAP, or subscribe as in individual for the first time here. Institutions can get subscription information here.  Pediatrics and AAP News are included with AAP membership. You can see membership options and join here or check your status in My Account if you are a current or past member.


How do I get permission to use content?
You can request permission from the Permissions box on the right column of the article page. This will take you to Copyright Clearance Center RightsLink, where you can specify what you want to use and how you want to use it. For many situations, you can obtain a price and pay directly though RightsLink.  If your intended use is not listed, please contact us here. You can also get reprint information for each journal here.


How do I learn when new information publishes?
AAP News and Pediatrics publish new content on a daily basis, and the other journals publish at least monthly, so it can be quite a bit to track. Fortunately, we have a number of alert options. You can sign up for e-mail alerts for eTOC (first business day of each month) and PAP/Early Release articles on the Alerts page. You can also sign up for Insight alerts on each journal’s right column. These are curated alerts highlighting top articles. If you use social media, you can follow journals for updates.

What can I do with figures/charts/graphs from articles?
Figures can be viewed in the article, in a new window, or downloaded to a PowerPoint that includes attribution. To get permission to reuse figures, click the Permissions link on the right column of the article to describe how you would like to use the figure, or contact us here.


Do you have teaching slides?
Pediatrics in Review has a number of articles with teaching slides for review. These slides may be used for noncommercial educational purposes.  For all other use cases, please contact to secure rights.


How can I use AAP Journals for board study and MOCA-Peds?
Pediatrics in Review has resources to map recent articles to the  American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Content Specs and MOCA-Peds topics for each year as they are available.


How do I claim CME/MOC credit?
Credit is available upon passing quizzes that are provided with select AAP Grand Rounds, NeoReviews, and Pediatrics in Review articles. Once you have passed quizzes, they will appear on your AAP Transcript for claiming CME and MOC Part 2. Allied Health and other providers who do not have other AAP CME activities can obtain certificates directly through My CE. Click for tips on claiming MOC once you have passed enough quizzes.

What are Pediatric Collections?
Pediatric Collections are a new product line that curates the most high-impact, recent content from across AAP journals and news for a deep dive into a developing topic. They are designed for people and groups with a particular interest in a key topic, such as public health and educators. For more information and to see upcoming collections, click here.

How do I change my alerts preferences?

Alert management requires an individual account with the AAP. Sign into your account and select Publications Email Preferences from the My Account menu.

How do I advertise in AAP publications?
AAP News & Journals has a number of options for print, online, and e-mail advertising. See the Media Kit for options.

How do I contribute to a journal?
You can see author guidelines and instructions to submit a manuscript and/or become a reviewer here. Also, watch for calls for editorial board applications in the beginning of each calendar year.

Institutional Administrator/Librarian

How do I subscribe?
See the options at

How do I administer my account?
See the Librarian Resources page for information about ordering, administering your account, getting usage reports, etc. You can administer your account in the Institutional Dashboard.

How do I integrate AAP News & Journal content into my Search/API
We have tools to support this. Contact AAP with details.

How can my users authenticate?
AAP Publications supports common authentication methods, including IP address/range, OpenAthens, referring URL, and common username. Although we do not officially support proxy access such as EZ Proxy, content is accessible.

Here is the stanza information to use:

T AAP Grand Rounds



T AAP News




T Hospital Pediatrics




T NeoReviews





T Pediatrics





T Pediatrics in Review




How do I get support?
You can contact your account manager or Member and Customer Care by submitting a question here.

How do my patrons access on mobile?
If you use IP authentication, they will be automatically authenticated while on your WiFi network. If they access via Google Scholar while authenticated to your network, the Campus-Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) protocol will create a token on the device that will enable the user to access from off-campus via Google Scholar. Users must renew these tokens by accessing while on the network every 30 days. There is a square badge with a help button on the far right of every article, showing users the highest-level access they have and providing information about CASA. For off-campus users, the link includes a CASA token which enables them to access the article via their library subscription.

Can my patrons earn CME?
CME/MOC is not currently supported for institutional users. Users can subscribe directly at shopAAP.


International Ordering

AAP works both directly and through distributors for international sales. See the following links for International Sales Agents, Promotional Flyers, and the Distributor list. Contact AAP institutional licensing directly.


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