A 2-week-old girl, who was born at term without complications, is brought to her primary pediatrician after developing diarrhea. According to the mother, she has been having increasingly frequent watery stools since yesterday. The pediatrician notes a small, 1-cm reddish-brown papule on the right deltoid area. This lesion is unchanged from the initial assessment of the girl in the newborn nursery. The infant is otherwise doing well and because she can tolerate oral hydration, she is sent home with instructions for oral rehydration.

Two weeks later, the girl returns to the pediatrician's office because of recurrence of diarrhea. A chance finding during the physical examination helps to make the diagnosis.

A term baby girl is born via cesarean section to a 31-year-old G2P1, now P2, woman. The cesarean section is performed because of failed induction. Results of the maternal medical history and all prenatal screening tests are negative. Maternal blood...

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