In the article that appears in the July issue of NeoReviews, we presented a more personal account by Dr Charles Chapple of how the modern incubator was developed. In this issue, we provide Dr Chapple’s personal reminiscence of how he designed what became the “Chapple incubator” (1)(2), which later morphed into “the Isolette” with plastic walls.

Before continuing the story of the development of the modern incubator, Dr Jerold Lucey had the following comments to make about Dr Chapple's talk:


Dr Chapple continues:

The facts that follow are personal, but I hope may contain some bits of historical interest.

At the request of my hosts, I will try to explain in brief how I came to develop an incubator at all and how it grew from an ugly duckling into the Isolette.

Early in practice, I was not always busy with patients. On...

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