A preterm male infant in the NICU develops a rash with erythematous and hypopigmented macules, patches, and papules of the arms, axillae, neck, upper back, groin, and legs. The rash has a geometric pattern in areas of occlusion (ie, under leads and wires) and maceration with white exudate in the axillae (Fig 1).

At 21 days of age, the infant was in a double-walled, heated, and humidified isolette and developed the rash described before. At that time, he required nasal continuous positive airway pressure for respiratory support and was tolerating full nasogastric feedings.

The infant remained stable in the NICU with no other changes in vital signs or physical examination findings while the skin eruption was treated topically.

Erythematous macules and papules with areas of hypopigmentation in a preterm, low-birthweight neonate:

Neonatal cutaneous candidiasis

A fungal culture specimen obtained from the infant’s axilla grew Candida albicans within 24...

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