A term infant has the following scalp examination [click on the video].

Of the options shown in Fig 1A (A, B, C, or D) of the top of an infant’s head, what is the most likely location of the involved area in this infant?

The video of this newborn shows a moderate-to-large fluctuant mass gathered in the dependent portion of the neonate’s scalp. Upon gentle tapping of the boggy collection, there is a clearly visible fluid wave. This finding is most consistent with a subgaleal hemorrhage.

Subgaleal hemorrhage is a serious, potentially fatal event in a newborn. It is caused by the rupture of large, bridging, emissary veins that connect the scalp veins to the intracranial dural sinuses. When these veins rupture, blood accumulates between the periosteum and the galeal aponeurotica, a large potential space composed of loose connective tissue. This space extends without restriction across the cranium and...

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