The Legal Briefs feature is based on actual malpractice cases with opinions of the plaintiff and defense physician experts interspersed throughout the case. The format of this feature does not provide evidence that supports or refutes each of these opinions.

A 3,765-g male infant was delivered at 37 weeks’ gestation to a 34-year-old gravida 1, para 0 woman with morbid obesity, chronic hepatitis B, and chronic hypertension. The woman’s prenatal course was benign and she was negative for group B Streptococcus. She was brought to the hospital because of spontaneous rupture of membranes and some irregular contractions. The obstetrician decided to ripen her cervix with misoprostol, followed by an induction with oxytocin. Nine hours after the initiation of oxytocin, her cervix was fully dilated and she began pushing. The fetus was in the occiput posterior position and despite pushing, remained at −2 to −1 station. With each...

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