You are a neonatologist in a small rural hospital with a newborn nursery and no pediatric cardiology services. The nearest hospital with a NICU and pediatric cardiology services is 50 miles away. The closest tertiary care hospital, with all pediatric surgeries and subspecialties, is 100 miles away. An obstetrician wants your advice about the delivery plan for a pregnant woman with the fetal echocardiogram shown (Video). The family is currently planning on a home delivery. You counsel the family about the next steps for delivery. What is the best advice to give this family?

Which laboratory test, if performed, is most likely to have an abnormal result after the neonate is born?

In the video clip, as the ultrasonographer sweeps from the 4-chamber view, we see a normal-sized left ventricle with normal systolic function. There is a large ventricular septal defect and the aorta is seen overriding the...

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