We are excited to introduce this new NeoReviews feature: Outcomes of NICU Graduates. In this article, authors describe the clinical course of a NICU graduate who is receiving care in a specialty clinic. After providing a brief overview of the NICU hospitalization, the authors review the infant’s post-discharge clinical course including recommended follow-up and treatments. The article concludes with a short summary of major take-home lessons from the case as well as a discussion of expected outcomes for the specific condition. We hope that neonatal clinicians will benefit from these case presentations by gaining insight into the outpatient management and long-term outcome of a wide range of NICU diagnoses. If you are interested in submitting a case, please contact neoreviewseditorial@aap.org.

—Dr. Dara Brodsky, Editor in Chief, and Dr. Santina Zanelli, Associate Editor, Outcomes of NICU Graduates

In this article, we describe a female child born preterm with a postnatal...

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