A 7-day-old female infant was referred from a secondary care hospital due to persistent seizures.

  • Born to a 34-year-old gravida 3, para 2 woman without prenatal care.

  • Maternal history not significant, except for the fact that the mother did not get vaccinations for her entire life.

  • Female infant delivered at home without medical assistance.

  • Umbilical cord was ligated with stringlike roots and cut with a nonsterile piece of metal.

  • No Apgar scores.

  • A gestational age of 38 weeks was estimated through the new Ballard test.

  • Anthropometric measurements at admission: Weight=2,900 g (37th percentile); head circumference=33 cm (34th percentile); height cm=48 (40th percentile).

The newborn presented on day 3 after birth with difficulty feeding; on day 4, she began crying incessantly and exhibiting irritability; from day 6, she had abnormal movements. The parents consulted a local hospital, where she was diagnosed with seizures, possible meningitis, and sepsis, without a favorable response...

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