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Call for Papers: Outcomes of NICU Graduates

What is the Outcomes of NICU Graduates Feature?

Outcomes of NICU Graduates is a new regular feature for NeoReviews. Using a case-based format, this section allows readers to learn firsthand about the outpatient course of former NICU patients. Because neonatologists are responsible for speaking with families about anticipated long-term outcomes, we hope that these case presentations will provide insight into the outpatient management and long-term outcomes of a wide range of NICU diagnoses.

In this feature, authors provide a brief overview of an inpatient clinical course with a more detailed description of the specific diagnosis. From there, authors review the patient's follow-up (either at Neurology Clinic, Infant Follow-up Program, BPD Clinic, ECMO Follow-up Program, Genetics Clinic, Cardiology Clinic, Endocrinology Clinic, or Pediatrician office, etc.). The follow-up period that is discussed depends on the specific patient and the diagnosis. At the end of the submission, authors discuss the known outcomes related to the patient's diagnosis.

Review a published Outcomes of NICU Graduates paper for additional guidance: Follow-up for a Preterm Infant with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome

Submission Guidelines

Outcomes of NICU Graduates Case Reports should include the following:

  1. Case Presentation: This includes the initial pregnancy and delivery room courses along with an abbreviated NICU Course. Include laboratory tests, differential diagnosis, and discussion if applicable.
  2. Follow-Up: Describe the patient follow-ups that occurred in pediatric practice, specialty clinic, or chronic care facility. Provide all relevant laboratory tests and radiographic imaging; include relevant images of patients. (Note: Authors are responsible for obtaining and submitting a release form.)
  3. Expert Discussion: Provide a summary of the patient's diagnosis and other content specific to the case. Discuss the patient's clinical course and what was typical and atypical for this diagnosis. Review additional follow-up that is needed and expected outcome through adulthood, if relevant.
  4. Summary/Conclusion: Create a short summary of major take-home lessons that readers should remember, based on the specific patient and case. (For numerous take-home lessons, create a bullet-point list.)
  5. References: Should be cited in-text and in AMA format.

See our author guidelines here for full submission, word count, and formatting information. 

Submission Deadline

Before submitting your manuscript, please email proposed topics to our editorial email and use "NeoReviews_NICUGrads" in your subject line. Once your proposed topic is approved, the manuscript submission deadline will be about 3-4 months from the time your topic is accepted.

Click here for our submission portal. Please review formatting and submission guidelines prior to submission.


Please email NeoReviews to learn more.

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