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Licensing and Permissions

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has partnered with Copyright Clearance Center to process all permission requests for AAP published material. Requests to reproduce material from articles copyrighted in journals and books published by the AAP should be directed to Copyright Clearance Center Marketplace.

We use this service of the Copyright Clearance Center to expedite permission requests. To access CCC Marketplace, go directly to Marketplace and search by title or ISBN. Follow the prompts provided in the system to complete your request.

Copyright Clearance Center Marketplace

To request permission for any published AAP material, locate your desired content on the following Web sites (including the figure/image/table/graph number if applicable) and click on the Get Permissions link. In most instances the Get Permissions link will appear under Tools in a menu bar toward the top of the page, like shown below.

Permissions menu options

AAP News:
Hospital Pediatrics:
Pediatrics in Review:
AAP Grand Rounds:
Pediatric Care Online:
Red Book Online:
Pediatric Patient Education:
AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter Online:
AAP Toolkits:

After clicking the Get Permissions link, a Copyright Clearance Center order page should appear. If the page does not appear, turn off your browser pop-up blocker.

Copyright Clearance Center order page

Please fill in your request and answer the questions as appropriate. To complete your order, log in to your existing Copyright Clearance Center account (or create a new one), indicate payment preferences, and accept the AAP Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions about permissions or require additional assistance, please review the Additional Information section of this page, or call Copyright Clearance Center at 978-646-2600, or e-mail customer care directly.

For permission to reuse material from or, PREP Self-Assessment, or the PREP Subspecialty Self-Assessments (, please contact the AAP Department of Sales Licensing and Permissions Specialist


Additional Information About AAP Permissions & Licensing

Authors requesting permission to reuse their previously published material in a new publication for which they are the author (or editor) must go through the Copyright Clearance Center process outlined above. For “Requestor Type,” the author should select “Author of this AAP article” or “Author of requested content.”

The AAP can only approve permission requests for material that is owned by the AAP. Please ensure that any figure/image/table/graph used in an AAP article is not credited to another source. If the material you want to reproduce is credited to another source, you must contact that source directly.

You must reproduce any figure/image/table/graph exactly as it was originally published by the AAP. No deletions, alterations, or other changes may be made to the information or statistical data without the written consent of the AAP.

For journal content, the AAP will only grant permission for the reuse of an entire article, figure, image, table, or graph. The AAP will not grant permission for the reuse of portions of text from a journal article.

Permission will not be granted for any AAP material that has not been published.  Permission also will not be granted to repost the full text of journal articles on a third-party site (other than author’s institutional Web site or local repository).

The AAP is happy to discuss opportunities to reuse AAP material in electronic health records, collaborate on custom publishing or special sales of AAP materials, or translate complete AAP works. 

For permission to reuse material not covered by Copyright Clearance Center, please contact the AAP directly.

Commercial Reprints

For English-language and translated reprints, please contact Content Ed Net:

Ray Thibodeau
Content Ed Net LLC
Phone: 215-798-1527

Single Copies

Single copies (PDF format) of journal articles may be downloaded from that journal’s website. Subscribers may download single copies of articles free of charge. Non-subscribers may download single copies for a small fee. For prices and information, go to the article you wish to download. If you are not a subscriber, ordering information will appear.

To Contact AAP Permissions & Licensing Directly
American Academy of Pediatrics
345 Park Blvd
Itasca, IL 60643

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