If your newborn is premature or your child has a critical illness or injury requiring transportation from one medical facility to another, your newborn or child may require the care of a Pediatric/Neonatal Critical Care Transport Team.

Some conditions require the expertise offered at larger or more specialized facilities. When medical transportation from one hospital to another is needed, a pediatric/neonatal critical care transport team may assist your newborn or child during travel. Members of a pediatric/neonatal critical care transport team can include nurses, paramedics, respiratory care practitioners, doctors, and other health care workers with special training in the care of premature newborns and ill and injured children. They have the training and equipment to properly care for newborns and children in an ambulance, airplane, or helicopter.

Pediatric/neonatal critical care transport team members have extensive experience caring for newborns, as well as critically ill and injured children. All pediatric/neonatal critical...

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