If your child or teenager has an injury or illness that affects sports performance, exercise, or activity, a Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialist has the expertise, experience, and qualifications to treat his or her youth-specific problems.

In growing children, injuries and medical problems in the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints (ie, musculoskeletal conditions) often are quite different from conditions more commonly seen in older patients. Special training and experience in pediatric sports medicine allows these specialists to appropriately treat the unique sports-related medical needs of children and teenagers.

Pediatric sports medicine specialists are medical doctors who have had at least

In addition, some have

Pediatric sports medicine specialists diagnose, treat, and manage the musculoskeletal and medical problems of children and teenagers, including the following:

Pediatric sports medicine specialists practice in a variety of medical settings, including children's hospitals, university medical centers, large community hospitals, private practice clinics, sports medicine clinics,...

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