Swimming is a sport in which there is a great diversity among participants. There are both recreational and competitive swimmers, ranging in age from preschool through college.

Most swimming-related orthopedic injuries are related to overuse and are seen in competitive athletes. However, many injuries can be prevented.

The following is information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about how to prevent swimming injuries. Also included is an overview of common swimming-related medical and orthopedic conditions.

Overuse injuries in swimming are related to repetitive stress to the swimmer's body. Symptoms of an overuse injury usually include pain or discomfort, muscle weakness, alterations in stroke style, and the inability to

keep up intense levels of training. Multiple factors must be considered for proper treatment.

Physical therapy often is useful to strengthen weak muscles and stabilize joints. It can also improve a swimmer's endurance and ability to train. Physical therapy should be prescribed...

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