Gymnastics is a sport of flexibility and agility that includes 4 forms: artistic, rhythmic, acrobatic, and tumbling and trampoline. Each form has its unique physical demands and specific injury risks; however, all forms include jumping and back arching and rotating movements.

While not all injuries can be prevented, the risk of injuries can be reduced. The following is information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about how to prevent gymnastics injuries. Also included is an overview of common gymnastics injuries.

Regular: Basic palm protector made of leather with no dowel.

Leather dowel grips for the advanced gymnast.

Because gymnasts walk and jump on their hands, significant force (sometimes 2 to 4 times their body weight) is put on the wrists. As a result, most gymnasts complain of wrist pain at some point. Gymnasts are particularly at risk for injuries to the growth plate of the wrist as well as stress...

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