Almost every child and adult with asthma can benefit from sports and physical activity. Also, asthma should not prevent young athletes from enjoying a full athletic career. The following is information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about asthma and exercise.

Asthma is the most common chronic medical problem in children. Children with asthma can have different symptoms at different times. The most common problems are cough, wheeze, difficulty breathing, chest “tightness,” and chest pain. Almost all children with asthma will have one or more of these symptoms when they have a cold or with exercise.

Many symptoms are brought on with allergies or exposure to cigarette smoke, laughing, or crying. Most children with asthma have symptoms while they exercise or right after they exercise. Children with asthma symptoms only with exercise may have exercise-induced asthma.

The cause of asthma is unknown. Genetics may play a role—children are more likely...

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