Figure skating is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Competitive skating requires strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, balance, jumping ability, artistic expression, mental strength, and financial resources.

While falls account for many skating injuries, most injuries occur from overuse or improperly fitting skating boots. Most of these injuries are preventable.

The following is an overview of common figure skating injuries from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Also included is information about exercised-induced asthma and the female athlete triad.

Exercise-induced asthma is common with figure skaters because they exercise in cold and dry environments. It can be treated with inhalers and other medicines and should not limit participation and performance of skaters, even at the highest competitive levels.

Female athlete triad is a term used to describe the unhealthy combination of eating problems (not getting enough calories), menstrual problems (absent or infrequent periods), and low bone...

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