Eating a variety of healthy foods is important for your child’s health. But it’s not always easy to get kids to try new and different foods — and sometimes, it can be downright frustrating.

The good news is there’s a lot you can do to help your child get comfortable exploring a variety of foods. And you both may end up having some fun while you’re at it!

Offer a variety of foods right from the start. Before 9 months, babies’ taste buds are still immature, so they are open to lots of foods. Take advantage of this and offer your baby different flavors and textures when he’s ready for solids.

Provide balanced meals. Babies need balanced meals, just like the rest of us. Offer veggies and meat in addition to fruits.

Try these tips with your toddler:

When your picky eater is preschool-aged, you can also:

If your child...

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