Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurologically based disability that affects a child’s social skills, communication, and behavior. Read on to learn more from the American Academy of Pediatrics about ASD.

Because most children with ASD will master early motor skills such as sitting, crawling, and walking on time, parents may not initially notice delays in social and communication skills. Looking back, many parents can recall early differences in interaction and communication. However, ASD symptoms may change as children get older and with intervention. While infrequent, some children’s symptoms may improve enough that the child might no longer be considered to have a diagnosis of ASD. Many of these children, as they develop, may likely have other developmental, learning, language, or behavioral issues or diagnoses.

The sooner ASD is identified, the sooner an intervention program directed at the child’s symptoms can begin. Each child with ASD has different needs. The...

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