Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is complex, and symptoms are different for each child. Read on to learn more from the American Academy of Pediatrics about how ASD is diagnosed.

Diagnosis of ASD can be complicated for a number of reasons. There are no specific medical tests (for example, a blood test) to diagnose ASD, so primary care doctors must rely on information from families about their child’s development and behavior and on what can be observed during well-child (also known as health supervision) checkups. This is why the AAP recommends that there be screening for ASD at specific well-child checkups (18- and 24-month visits) as well as ongoing surveillance in the course of well-child care. Talk with your child’s doctor if you feel your child needs to be screened, and share your concerns—you know your child the best.

When ASD is suspected as a cause of language and social delays,...

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