Developmental and behavioral interventions are interrelated and are the mainstay for educating and supporting people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Read on to learn more from the American Academy of Pediatrics about these interventions.

Developmentally based interventions tend to focus on the basic building blocks in motor, visual, and hearing processing; sequencing; attention; problem-solving; communication; and social skills.

This may be most effective for some children if done in a play setting where an adult helps a child build skills through engagement. For children with ASD, strengthening communication and social skills often helps decrease behavior problems. Alternative and augmentative communication aids (such as picture cards) may be useful in the development of communication skills.

Behavioral interventions focus on changing specific behaviors and symptoms. As these behaviors change, social relationships and mastery of basic developmental capacities improve. Behaviorally based programs that are tailored to teach children the skills needed for play...

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