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Integration Tools

Note: These tools help practices and institutions integrate links into a website and/or electronic medical record system. They require an active site license and authentication to allow access to content.

Bright Futures Toolkit: Bright Futures Toolkit site license users have access to the Bright Futures Toolkit Integration Resources page at Please review the Bright Futures Toolkit Adaptation/Modification Guidelines for additional information.

Search submission link: (Replace "[TERM]" with the data from your interface; in the case of multiple terms or a phrase, substitute spaces with +).

  • Pediatric Care Online |[TERM]
  • Red Book Online |[TERM]
  • Pediatric Patient Education |[TERM]
  • AAP Coding Newsletter |[TERM]
  • AAP Toolkits |[TERM]
  • AAP Books |[TERM]

Pediatric Patient Education on your own Web site: available to practices and institutions that subscribe to Pediatric Care Online and Pediatric Patient Education. Referring URL authentication with the site where links are posted is required for users to access full content. For the integration option, referring URL or IP authentication may be appropriate, depending on the use. Please review the Pediatric Patient Education logo guidelines here.

Options 1 and 2: Copy-paste include code for basic Web site users. Save the linked file or View Source on the page to copy the include code and paste it into your website; open the link in your browser to preview.

1. Handout list links include code (HTML updated October 18, 2021) | Right click to "save link as"

Display categories and the top 3 handouts for each one. Current list contains all categories, but users may omit categories and/or select different handouts by editing the HTML.

2. Search box include code to post on a practice site (HTML updated October November 24, 2022) | Right click to "save link as"


3. For advanced Web site users and integration with EMR/EHR and other content systems: syndication file (XML updated April 9, 2024; right click to "save link as"). This file is updated with each new content post, please monitor eAlerts to know when updates are published. This file contains a complete directory of handouts with extracts and links to both PDF and web versions, including Spanish when available. Handouts are tagged with category and collection information to facilitate sorting and grouping to adapt to the look and feel of the integrating system or website.

Technical Support
For more information, see the SiteManager Guide or our Support Center KnowledgeBase.
If you encounter any difficulty accessing AAP Publications, please contact Member & Customer Care or 866/THE-AAP1 (+1 630-626-6000) and ask for Technical Support.

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